A Different Kind Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is tough isn’t it? And it’s especially difficult when it comes to “repeat offenders.” …more difficult still, if those “repeat offenders” are repeatedly offending us.

If someone lies to you, but then later comes clean and admits that they were dishonest—you probably won’t find it too difficult to forgive that person. But when they follow that up with lie after lie after lie, forgiveness becomes more and more difficult each time.

That’s what makes John the Baptist’s statement about Jesus in John chapter 1 so amazing. He says, “Look! The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” Not took away… Not even will take away… but takes away!

Jesus keeps on taking away the sin of the world, and therefore he keeps on taking away your sins and mine. What you did yesterday? It’s forgiven. The failures which we’ll have today? He’s forgiving those, too. And when tomorrow’s failures come? Yep! He’ll keep on forgiving you for those, too!

Why is that? It’s because Jesus has made FULL payment for your sins and mine by sacrificing Himself on the cross. That includes the sins you’ve already committed over the course of your life, the sins you’ll commit today and even the sins you’ll commit tomorrow.

Even though we do things each and every day that require forgiveness, Jesus keeps washing us clean! Over and over and over again!

That’s a perspective changer! Fight the sinful desire to forgive conditionally. Fight the desire to base forgiveness on your emotions. Forgive others as Jesus has forgiven you!

But remember… Try as you might, you’ll never achieve perfect forgiveness. The good news is, when you fail to forgive as Jesus has forgiven you, you’ll find your Savior forgiving that sin too!

Blessings on your weekend!

Pastor Z.