Collective "We" Or Individual "Me?"

An individual student asks a question. The professor speaks for the academic community and says, “This is what WE know.” An individual politician speaks on behalf of the crowd and says, “This is what WE believe.” An individual sports fan speaks on behalf of a favorite team and says, “WE won!” My question is, “who is this we?”

The individuals speaking are just that, individuals. I can understand comments like this is what I know—what I believe—who I am. But why this collective “we?”

This Sunday at Living Shepherd, as we wrestle with our tendency to get caught up with groups of people and labels for the masses, we’ll see how God values us as individuals, works through individuals and saves individuals. (...even if I did just use a collective "we" :)

God’s blessings on your weekend! Hope to see you Sunday!

Pastor Z.