Holy Week - Wednesday

Holy week is the most important week in all of history. Jesus came into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday – willingly coming to the city where He knew He'd be put to death. Monday He cleanses the temple and does lots of teaching. Tuesday there is more teaching and He's confronted by the religious leaders. So now it's Wednesday. What will Jesus do on Wednesday? More teaching? More confrontations with the religious leaders?  Or?

We have no idea. Yep, on Wednesday of the most important week in all of history, we have no idea what happened. Scripture tells us ... not a word. NOTHING!

And we're reminded of an important truth: while the Bible tells us all that we NEED to know in order to get to heaven, it doesn't tell us all we'd LIKE to know. I don't know about you, but I'd LOVE to know what Jesus did on Wednesday of holy week. But, God knew that I didn't need to know it. So, God chose to not tell us. 

That leads us to treasure what IS in the Bible all the more. If it's in there, it's because God thought it was really important. If it wasn't really important, He wouldn't have included it. 

So, thank you, God! Thank you for telling me all that I NEED to know in order to get to heaven.  Lead me to treasure what's in Your Word! Lead me to see it as vitally important for my life now, and for my eternity! 

Forgiven by Jesus, just like you,

Pastor Z.