Our Comfort Zone

Would you consider yourself a creature of habit?

I know that I find myself doing things out of habit. For example, I’ll sit in the same place in church or class over and over. I generally stick to the same basic routine every morning before starting my day. I go to the same websites (usually in a similar order) when I have some free time to read up on the latest sports news.

I would guess that you have similar tendencies that you do out of habit.

Why do we do that?

I think much of it has to do with comfort. We find a routine that works for us, and it becomes comfortable for us. Why change what we’ve found to work?

On Sunday, we dove into the account of Jesus sending out the twelve disciples (Mark 6:7-13). It’s safe to say that Jesus was telling the disciples to get out of their comfort zones. They were to take nothing on this journey. That meant no food, no bag, no money and no extra clothes (Mark 6:8-9). They would also find a place to stay and wouldn’t leave that house until they left that town (Mark 6:10). That doesn’t sound too luxurious.

And the message? They were to preach repentance (6:12). They were to tell people to turn from their sinful lifestyle and put their trust in Jesus Christ. That’s not always the most comfortable message to tell people.

Would you or I be willing to go on such an uncomfortable mission? I’m not so sure.

We find comfort in seeing the same people at church every Sunday. We find comfort in the pews and inside the walls of our sanctuary.

And then there’s the message. How many times have you or I failed to preach repentance to a family member, friend or co-worker living a sinful lifestyle because we don’t want to have that uncomfortable conversation?

Too many times we fail to carry out our uncomfortable mission.

But thankfully Jesus carried out his.

Jesus took on the uncomfortable task of going to the cross to die to take away our sins. He suffered hell in our place. Talk about discomfort!

And it’s only through Jesus that we can have our comfort zones. Right? Even when our lives turn crazy, we know we have forgiveness of our sins. We know that we are God’s children. We know that eternal life is waiting for us. That comfort is possible because of Jesus!

And we want as many people as possible to have that comfort we have!

But in order for that to happen, we need to go out of our comfort zones. We get outside of our cozy church walls to share the good news of Jesus. We preach repentance. We point people to Jesus and the forgiveness that is theirs too. Then God’s Word can work to bring comfort to many others!

Lord’s blessings on the rest of your week,

Daniel Kock