Ask Me Why...Worship?

What do you give to the person who has everything? That’s the question we ask when we’re struggling to think of a good gift for someone, right? But can you think of a time when you just threw in the towel and didn’t get that person anything at all? I’m guessing not. The fact that you want to get that person a gift trumps the fact that you’re having trouble figuring out what to give them. You get them something.

But what if the person who “has everything,” DEMANDED you get them something—anything at all? Would you feel the same way?

This Sunday at Living Shepherd we’re going to dig into a similar situation. Everything belongs to our God. There is nothing we can give to him that he doesn’t already have. And yet he demands we worship him. So, why do we worship our God?

Looking forward answering that question as we worship our great God together this Sunday!

Pastor Z.

P.S. - After Sunday's worship service, this post will be replaced with the sermon and a few companion notes. You might consider using them as a guide for your personal time in the Word next week!