Ask Me Why... Reach?

You get home from work one night and pour yourself a glass of red wine. With wine glass in hand, you walk back to your bedroom to put on some more comfortable clothes. As you pass through the living room you miss the toy truck on the floor and step on it. You catch your balance, but not in time to keep the wine in your glass. You now have a 3 foot long splatter of red wine on the carpet in the middle of your living room.

You realize you don’t have any decent stain remover in your house and you don’t want to let it sit too long. You run down to the place with the helpful hardware folks and ask them for their best red wine stain remover. The eye’s of the young man in the red coat light up! At that mornings sales team meeting he was reminded to encourage customers to try the latest greatest stain remover that was gracing the shelves!

You get home with this highly recommended stain remover and cannot believe how well it works. 15 minutes after you started working on the stain there is no sign of it what-so-ever! The stain is completely gone! How many conversations do you think will pass before you become a salesman yourself and begin to share the story about this latest greatest stain remover? I’m guessing not too many!

Why is that? It’s the initial excitement that compels you to tell someone about that remarkable stain remover, right? But what happens two weeks later when you spill a cup of coffee all over that living room carpet and this same stain remover that did so well on the wine stain, just can’t get the coffee stain out? Are you still going to be peddling stain remover in your spare time?

More often than not, when someone hears about the freedom from guilt and sin Jesus has won for them for the first time, they’re going to be pretty likely to share that news with someone else. But over time, the initial excitement wears off and they’ll enter a bit of a lull. Sometimes they never really pull out of it.

This Sunday at Living Shepherd, we’ll continue our “Ask Me Why...?” series with the question, “Why do we reach?” We’ll take a look at a brief history of the Christian Church reaching out, we’ll assess the risk and most importantly the reward.  

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

Pastor Z.