Thankfulness Leads To Faithfulness

Our 3-week series on Thanksgiving began with a focus on how uncommon mercy leads to uncommon thankfulness. Last week, we saw how overwhelming thankfulness leads to overwhelming generosity. This week we’ll wrap up our Thanksgiving series with a lesson from Jesus that shows how thankfulness leads to faithfulness.

Think of it this way. What’s the best work environment you’ve ever experienced? Whatever your answer, I’m guessing you liked your boss—were thankful for that boss even!

Ever experience the opposite? Ever have a job where you couldn’t stand your boss? Compare those two work environments. Which one will bring out the best in their employees?

If you can’t stand your boss the temptation to be unfaithful in your duties is often strong, but when you’re thankful for a good boss, you’re naturally motivated to do your best.

Thankfulness leads to faithfulness.

You can preview the parable Jesus taught just a few days before he died in Matthew chapter 25, verses 14-30. Looking forward to digging into this parable with you on Sunday!

God bless,

Pastor Z.