Mountains To Manger - Mt. Sinai

Maybe I’m not as adjusted to the West as I thought. You tell me… Were those forest fires as intense as I thought they were? I remember one day in July I walked out of my office and instantly coughed. And when I looked to the west, and saw the sun it was blood red. That's how thick the smoke was. I’d never seen anything like it. I’ll be honest. I found it all quite humbling. Those fires were powerful.

And I was in town. Safe and sound. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a fire fighter battling a mountain that is literally on fire.

Now, go take a look at Exodus 19, can you imagine what that was like? God’s people had just seen 10 miraculous plagues hit the people of Egypt. Those plagues eventually led to their release from slavery. Then they saw their God split the Red Sea in half so they could walk through on dry ground and escape Pharaoh's army as he chased them. Now, they stand at the foot of Mt. Sinai and smoke billows from the mountain like a furnace. There’s thunder, lightning and the earth beneath their feet constantly shakes.

And that’s not all. As you stare up at this horrifying scene, God himself speaks to you and tells you how he wants you to live your life! Can you imagine!?

As we approach Christmas this year, we’ve been preparing ourselves by digging into some promises God made about the Messiah on Old Testament mountains (Christ and Messiah mean the same thing). This week, we’re going to wrestle with some humbling truths as we get to know our God a little better on a mountain called Sinai.

As scary as this may all seem, God promises this will get you ready for the birth of his promised Messiah. And that is really good news!

Looking forward to continuing our Christmas preparations with you this weekend!

Pastor Z.