Truth And The Trinity

As he was frustrated by his failure to figure out the mystery of the Trinity, St. Augustine (a pastor who served in northern Africa, 4th century AD), once shared this story.

While walking along a beach one day, he saw a little boy scooping up water from the ocean and dumping it into a little hole he had dug in the sand. After some time Augustine asked the boy what he was doing. The boy answered: “I’m scooping the ocean into this hole!” A light went on in Augustine’s mind as he realized that he had been trying to do the same thing with the Trinity. He had been trying to scoop the infinite God into his finite brain.

This Sunday (May 22, 2016) we won't try to scoop the ocean in to a small hole. We can’t understand the concept of the Trinity! And yet, we can appreciate the truth in the things the Triune God says to us through his Word! Hope you can join us this week as we look at Truth and the Trinity.

Pastor Z.