A Battle Won For Us

Memorial Day Weekend gives us an opportunity to go do something fun with family and friends. It may not be the official start date of summer, but it might as well be! And yet, while Memorial Day Weekend does give us an opportunity to go, it's first and foremost an opportunity to pause.

Our nation is unique. We have remarkable freedoms that many in the world don't have. Memorial Day gives us an opportunity to pause and remember the many men and women who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to defend our awesome freedoms.

This Sunday at Living Shepherd, we'll hear about an amazing battle. You might expect stories of incredible heroism—stories of men and women who gave their lives to win freedom in the land God promised to their ancestors and descendants alike. But that’s not what you’ll hear. You’re going to hear the story of a battle God won, not through people, but for people.

I hope you can join us this Sunday and blessings on your extended weekend!

Pastor Z.