Strength For Times When We Feel The Weakest

All sorts of things can make a person feel weak. Sicknesses and diseases often make us realize our physical weaknesses just like depression and anxiety often make us keenly aware of our emotional weaknesses. But nothing makes us more aware of just how weak we are than death. 

When someone we know and love dies, whether that loved one was old or young, we see our weakness in that there was nothing we could do to save them from death. More than that, the death of those around us, forces us to face the reality of our own death. These are the times when we feel the weakest.

This Sunday at Living Shepherd, as we see not one, but two mothers mourn the death of their only sons, we’ll see two examples of death in its most tragic form. The good news is, these two mothers found comfort. They found strength for their weakest of moments. That strength is for you and me too!

Join us this Sunday !!AT 9:30 AM!! and you’ll be able to join the Widow from Zarephath in saying, “Now I know…