Pay Attention To The Reward

What happens when the Powerball Lottery gets really big? People start to pay attention! Many, perhaps most, were not paying attention. But then when the Powerball get’s big enough to make national headlines, it seems everyone is paying attention.

So what changed? This past January when the Powerball Jackpot cracked $1 billion dollars for the first time in history, and peaked at $1.6 billion, what caused people to start paying attention? After all, in order to reach $1 billion dollars, the jackpot first needed to reach $500 million—then $600 million—then $700 million—you get the idea. Why did everyone start paying attention at $1 billion and not at one of those previous incredibly large benchmarks?

Isn’t it the headlines? Once your favorite news source starts reporting the record high Powerball jackpot, now it has your attention. If Facebook newsfeeds were covered with reports from news outlets all around the country when the jackpot reached $500 million, people would start paying attention too.

Heaven doesn’t work like the Powerball jackpot. It’s not as though it’s super valuable one day and then not worth our attention the next. Heaven is always as valuable as valuable can be! So why is it that the reward of heaven so often falls from our attention?

This Sunday, we’ll begin to answer this question as we focus our attention on just how valuable heaven really is!

Blessings on your weekend! Hope to see you Sunday,

Pastor Z.