Regaining Focus In A Sea Of Distractions

Life can be unbearably busy at times. So busy, in fact, that every once and a while we feel the need to at least attempt to escape distractions. After all, work still needs to get done. That’s when you find yourself leaving the office or home and setting up at your favorite coffee shop. Maybe you’ll be able to escape the distractions and actually get something done! Then again… …maybe not!

In our day to day lives, while we work so hard to escape distractions, how well do we stay focused on what really matters? In particular, how often do we take a break to sit at the feet of our Savior and listen to him speak?

It’s easy to think of devotional time in God’s Word as another chore to complete, or as a task to cross off my to-do list. When we treat God’s Word that way, we push ourselves into a guilt-driven devotional life—just one more thing I have to do.

This Sunday at Living Shepherd we’ll look at two women—one who understood and one who learned—that spending time at the feet of our Savior in his Word is not a task I must accomplish, but a privilege in which God wants to give me all the blessings he promises in his Word. Come! Sit at the feet of your Savior this Sunday! Listen, as he fills you with the only thing that’s truly needed.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Pastor Z.