A Surprising Point

In Luke chapter 16 Jesus tells a story about a man who managed a rich man’s possessions. But there was a problem. That man was a bad manager. So the rich man says, “You can’t be manager any longer.

That’s where this gets interesting. About to lose his job anyway, the manager decides to find people who owe a debt to this rich man. He figures, “If I’m about to lose my job anyway, I might as well use my last days to earn friends for myself. I’ll use my authority to lower these debts!

How do you think the rich man responded? He commended the manager!

So what do you think? Why does Jesus tell this story? Is it to show how well (or poorly) the manager had managed? Is it to show how much (or little) money the manager made (or lost) for the rich man? Or is it something else?

After telling the story, Jesus says "I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings." Here's the point. God wants us to view earthly things (like our time, talents and treasures) with proper perspective. He wants us to realize they don't last and they won't last. Only then will we begin to see those gifts for what they areGod-given blessings at our disposal to build relationships that will last forever in heaven!

Looking forward to digging into this more with you on Sunday!

Pastor Z.