Love For The Unlovable

If you’ve ever had your heart shattered to pieces, you know it’s one of the most painful things a person can experience this side of heaven. If you haven’t had your heart broken, well then, be sure to say a prayer of thanksgiving tonight before you go to sleep!

A broken heart is awful! Think about it this wayyou have this special person in your life you're absolutely infatuated withsomeone who consumes your thoughtssomeone you would do anything to be with! Then you find out that special person doesn’t feel the same! To know you don’t consume their thoughtsthey aren’t infatuated with you and they could easily live without you! A broken heart hurts so much that many individuals who have experienced heartbreak will go out of their way to never put themselves into that kind of situation again.

Well, heartache and a broken heart is exactly what God asked his prophet Hosea to experience in the portion of God's Word that we'll focus on this Sunday. And God asked Hosea to do this for a reason. God asked him to love the unlovable so he could use Hosea as an object lesson—an object lesson that shows us the kind of love God has shown to unlovable people like you and me.

Hope you can join us this Sunday!

Pastor Z.