Inside God's Courtroom

I’ve always liked the phrase, “If these walls could talk.” Maybe it's because I’ve always enjoyed history. If you’ve ever taken a tour of the Ivinson Mansion or the Wyoming Territorial Prison you know the tour guides are gifted at taking you back in time. But as interesting as the tour guides’ stories often are, think of the stories those walls could tell!

As fun as it is to think about, though, it’s ridiculous. Even the walls that surrounded the most intense moments in history have nothing to share with us.

And yet, while the idea of talking walls is ludicrous, the concept really isn’t. Here’s why. You probably don’t have to think too many days back to find something you’ve done, that you regret. Do you understand that the walls surrounding you in that moment don’t need to talk? God already knows what you’ve done. More frightening still, he knew you’d do what you did before you even did it. That’s what makes the thought of standing in God’s courtroom so frightening. He knows the truth. He knows what we’ve done.

But would you believe it!? He loves us anyway! This Sunday at Living Shepherd we'll see how God planned to free us from the guilty verdict we deserve in his courtroom. Then we'll see how he carried out the plan!

Hope to see you this weekend!

Pastor Z.