Live To Please God

In the 10 commandments, when God says, “Do not murder,” what exactly is meant? Or when God says, “Do not commit adultery,” What exactly is he talking about?

Someone who murders innocent human beings should be judged more harshly by God than someone who is downright hateful, right? And someone who sexually abuses any other human being should be judged more harshly by God than someone who is addicted to pornography, shouldn’t they?

Isn’t that common perception? Doesn’t this view of God’s judgment seem fair to us? After all, when we judge what is just and what is not, we often do so by assessing the impact a certain sin has on other human beings.

And understandably so. Many of the sins we commit have a negative impact on the lives of other human beings. Some of those sins have a direct impact, others an indirect impact, but our sins clearly impact others.

That said, do we ever get so caught up in the impact our sins have on others, that we begin to forget about the impact our sins have on us? This Sunday at Living Shepherd, as Jesus continues his famous Sermon on the Mount, we’ll consider both sides of that coin. We’ll see how our sins impact others and how they impact us.

God’s blessings on your weekend and hope to see you Sunday!

Pastor Z.