Love Your Enemies

There are people in this world that we just enjoy being around, aren’t there? These are the people with whom you have the most effortless conversations. People you haven’t seen for years, but when you do, you pick up right where you left off. These are the people who enjoy being around you, just as much as you enjoy being around them. It’s easy to love someone like this, isn’t it?

But what if we flipped the script? What about those people you can’t stand being around? These are the people with whom it’s utterly impossible to have a conversation. People you see more often than you would like. These are the people who can’t stand being around you, just like you can’t stand being around them. It’s not so easy to love someone like this.

When someone loves you, it’s natural to love them back. But when someone hurts you—when someone infuriates you—when you just can’t stand to be around someone it’s not so easy. How can God command us to love our enemies!? It’s so unnatural!

This Sunday at Living Shepherd we’ll examine Jesus’ command to love our enemies. As we do, we’ll consider how it is that God can ask us to do something so difficult and will see why this command is just one more example of our God’s infinite wisdom and love.

God’s blessings on your weekend and hope to see you Sunday!

Pastor Z.