A Mountain Top Experience

Have you ever had a mountain top experience? Around these parts, one might take that question literally. If you’ve ever climbed to the top of the snowy range, or any of the many 12,000 plus foot mountains within a few hundred miles of the Gem City, you know how incredible that kind of mountain top experience can be.

It takes work to get to the top. Hard work. When I climbed to the top of a measly 13er last Summer there were points when I was ready to turn around, and head back down. Thankfully, I was with other motivated people who weren’t about to let me quit. And I’m grateful for that. Reaching the top was incredible. Yes, the views were amazing. Yes, it happened to be a beautiful day (both sunny and remarkably calm!). But more than anything else, the sense of accomplishment topped them all.

That’s one literal mountain top experience—and it was just a glorified hike. Others have had literal mountain top experiences that were far more taxing on the body than mine, and thus far more satisfying. Maybe you’ve even had a mountain top experience that had nothing to do with climbing a mountain. Maybe was a moment of personal achievement you’ve been chasing for years. Maybe was the celebration of someone else’s success. Maybe it was a long-awaited team victory. Maybe it was the realization of a life altering truth.

For Peter, James and John it was that last one—the realization of a life altering truth—combined with an literal mountain top experience, that changed their lives forever.

This Sunday at Living Shepherd, we’ll hike a mountain with them, see Jesus like we’ve never seen him before, and ponder a truth that alters lives.

God’s blessings on your weekend and hope to see you Sunday!

Pastor Z.