Jesus Died For A Reason And Rose For A Reason

Morning Everyone!

In Romans 4:25 we hear these words. "He (Jesus) was put to death because of our sins and was raised to life because of our justification." Our sins were quite literally the cause of Jesus death. He died because the sins of the world (yours, mine, the sins of those you love and live near included) were placed upon Jesus. God the Father treated God the Son as if he was the one who had committed those sins. That treatment included suffering actual hell on the cross as God the Son was separated from the love of God the Father. Your sins and mine caused Jesus' suffering and death. Let that sink in.

Now also let the reason behind Jesus' resurrection sink in. Jesus was raised to life by the same Father who turned his back on His Son. When Jesus said "It is finished" he was communicating that all the sins placed on him had been paid for. By raising Jesus from the dead, the Father shows his approval. Yes, your sins, my sins, the sins of those you love and live near (the sins of the world) have been paid for. Need proof? Look to Jesus, who was raised

Invite someone you love or live near to come join us this Easter Sunday so they can hear this good news for themselves!

Pastor Z.