Death's Ability

Ability is an interesting word. In the word "ability" you see the word able. If someone or something has an ability, that someone or something is "able."

Here's why I bring it up. Does death have an "ability?" Is death "able" to do anything?

From our human perspective, the answer is "yes." Death is "able" to hold onto us. And we can prove it. When our loved ones die, death holds onto them. 

But death was not able to hold Jesus. In fact, the portion of Acts chapter 2 that we'll focus on this Sunday says, "It was impossible for death to keep it's hold on [Jesus].

The fact that death has no power over Jesus is a life-changer. Join us at Living Shepherd this Sunday to see why death was unable to hold onto Jesus and to see how this impacts what death is able to do.

Lord's blessings on your weekend!

Pastor Z.