"Show Us The Father... ...That Will Be Enough For Us"

If the God of the Christian Bible is real, why doesn’t he just show himself? Why not speak to us directly like he spoke to the Israelites on Mt. Sinai (Exodus 20)? Why not give us a glimpse of the golden streets in heaven (Revelation 21) or the throne encircled with angels (Revelation 5)?

And even if it’s not some visible or audible evidence of God’s existence, how about a glimpse of your power!? Why not heal someone I love after the doctors said their condition was incurable? Couldn’t you at least make this aching heart go away!?

Just show me, something—anything!

Ever felt that way? Have you ever craved more from God than he has given?

This Sunday at Living Shepherd, we’re going to see an example of just that. We’ll see an example of how sinful human beings want to look right past this man named Jesus in the hope of seeing something “greater.” To do so, however, is to miss the way and the truth and the life!

God’s blessings on your weekend and hope to see you Sunday!

Pastor Z.