Imagine you’re attending the University of Wyoming Homecoming Parade here in Laramie. You find a spot on one of the street corners along the parade route. Your children are standing there with you. They’re excitedly trying to look around the corner, constantly asking, “Is it here yet?” You’re excited too. You've always loved parades. Soon, you hear the low rumble of the parade moving a few blocks away. Your children ask again, “Is it here yet?” The parade comes closer and closer. Then, when it turns the corner, your hope becomes reality!

“Is it here yet?” That’s a question full of hope. It’s also a fitting question for Christians like you and me to ask. We all are filled with a longing—a longing to be with Jesus in heaven! When Jesus died for us, he gave us the hope of heaven, something we long for every day.

But do we always look hopefully to heaven? If you’re like me, there are days we forget to look to this bright future. The troubles and sufferings in this life easily distract us. They entangle us and turn our focus to this life rather than our life in heaven.

Do we still look for heaven? Yes. But then it becomes a matter of which heaven. Are you looking for the heaven Jesus promised? Or are you looking more for heaven on earth?

Paul tells us something amazing: “I consider that our present troubles are not worth comparing to the glory that will soon be revealed in us” (Rom. 8:18). Sometimes, that can be hard to believe. How could anything outweigh our current troubles?

Here’s the difference: the troubles of this life, while difficult, have an end. Heaven does not! Like Jesus, heaven is eternal. In heaven, our joy will never end!

Here’s a cool thought: Jesus longs to share his heaven with us! Everything Jesus endured on this earth, he endured because he wants you to be with him in heaven forever. Join us this Sunday as we dig into how this hope of heaven shapes our lives now!

God’s blessings on the rest of your week!

Vicar Reich