Sixth Sunday After The Epiphany - "God's Will - Your Sanctification" - 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 - Worship Folder

SORRY! After worship on February 5th we discovered a 97 minute recording of silence... Don't worry though, church wasn't that long, just started the recording early! ;) We'll do our best to figure out the problem and get sermons back up next week! God bless! - Pastor Z. 

Fifth Sunday After The Epiphany - "Salt And Light" - Matthew 5:13-20 - Worship Folder

Technical difficulties resulted in no audio recording this week. Facebook Live to the rescue! This week's worship service is embedded above. The sermon begins at the 21:55 mark and the children's devotion begins around the 18:15 mark. Also, links to the worship folder and accompanying Bible study are below.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

God bless,

Pastor Z.

364 Days Of Thanksgiving Series - Uncommon Mercy Leads To Uncommon Thanksgiving - Worship Folder

364 Days of Thanksgiving Series - Uncommon Mercy Leads To Uncommon Thanksgiving - Bible Study